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Company Overview

Jeff Lucas founder Frontier Counselling

After 25 years of active research into addiction and 25 years in professional application in treating those afflicted with addiction issues, I am offering a combined 50 years of experience and 25 years of service delivery via my business Frontier Counselling. I started my professional journey as a counsellor within an inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility in Warburton, Victoria.

From there I have worked in the field of addictions for various organisations including in a position of management within specialist counselling services. I have relied on my extensive professional background as an addiction counsellor specialising in addiction treatment, group therapy, grief and loss, and trauma counselling to further develop and initiate treatment and psycho-education programs within those settings with a focus on continuous improvement.

In 2011 I began an association with the Mental Health Coordinating Council of NSW with their Trauma informed Care Practice (TICP) initiative which included being a guest speaker at their TICP forum and a member of their TICP working party with other esteemed colleagues at the time. This confirmed for me that most if not all people carry trauma and how people cope or don’t cope with the effects of this trauma (including childhood trauma) becomes the focus of discovery for all of us who want to have a deeper understanding of self and be in a position to identify those old scripts but how to change them.

When working with groups and/or individuals it has become clear that many are programmed in childhood (usually by primary care givers) to act a certain way relying on these old life scripts to cope. For this reason, I have focused our experiential training programs such as group therapy to enable participants to explore their own personal frontiers in order to discover their authentic selves and be able to experience personal growth by changing old scripts and upgrading their internal programmes. If this sounds like robotic talk it is in a way as many people appear to be functioning as human doings not human beings. Have you ever asked yourself, “why does this keep happening to me”? Come to our workshops and training programs to maybe discover ‘why’.

Why Choose Frontier?

Our services cover and are not limited to some of the following popular areas of recovery

Addiction & Trauma

A specific focus on addiction and trauma recovery

Gambling & Financial Stress

A focus on gambling and recovering from financial issues through literacy programs

Grief & Loss

Presentations cover the grief/loss aspect and recovery methods from these situations