Changing Toxic Workplace Culture

Pia Melody stated that ‘Abuse can be thought of as anything less-than-nurturing’ so whatever the workplace we find ourselves in there is always a culture that has evolved which can be placed either in the abuse camp or the nurture camp and/or somewhere in between.

When we come into a workplace we are usually given a Position Description (PD) as was the person before us and the person that comes after us; the difference is we all bring with us our heritage, our culture that we were familiar with in our family system and our unique programming so the PD might be the same but the way we apply it will be different.

This workshop is designed to identify what abusive behaviour looks like and where it comes from and what nurturing behaviour looks like. It looks at the cost and benefits of both cultures creating rich discussion and reflection within a group learning environment. This is a challenging topic that has a focus on anti-bullying whilst promoting emotional intelligence.

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