Counselling Presentations

Over to past 25+ years I have delivered presentations to key industry groups including but not limited to Addiction Conferences, Mental health Forums, Australian College of Applied Psychology Alumni, Lifeline Counsellors (PD) and Financial Counsellors (FCAN students).

I have found that participants are eager to learn more on the topics provided and appreciate the case studies provided. I have also found that participants bring their own experience to the topics covered being it either themselves or as a family member.

Having said this there is a self-reflective element with these presentations which is respectively acknowledged by the presenter.

Throughout the presentations there is an interactive element for the participants and a workshop element if requested for all presentations which can extend to a full day.

Topics Covered Are:
Addiction & Trauma
Trauma and Addiction Recovery (second stage recovery)
Addiction – Grief and Loss – Trauma
Trauma Informed Care Practice

Feedback from those who attended the presentations

Financial Counsellor students Q: What did you like most about the session?

Presents training session which is explained very clearly and easily to understand. I liked all the session.
Stages of addiction and grief and loss.
Humour and something I enjoy exploring.
Brought awareness of addiction and trauma and how it relates to clients will come for financial counselling.
‘Expectations’; class activity was fun and informative.
Presenter very skilled and knowledgeable.
Jeff’s knowledge and unwrapping of the subject – Brilliant!
Endorsement ACAP Alumni

Jeff Lucas is a long-time friend of the Australian College of Applied Psychology both as an educator and presenter to the alumni for professional development workshops.  Jeff is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter, who easily and comfortably shares his extensive therapeutic experience in the areas of mental health, addiction and trauma. He has a lot to offer ACAP students and alumni and we look forward to him presenting for us again soon”

> MEAGAN JOHNSON – Industry and Alumni Manager


These presentations are usually two hours in duration with a break in between. Workshops on these topics are usually one to two days in duration. Cost will be determined on numbers and special requests.

Some great feedback from Alumni Presentations:

Great content and Details
His presentation was excellent. His knowledge, wisdom and experience was evident and he gave real good examples
It was very informative. However I felt time was short for such a complex topic
Very interesting and informative. Some of it we had learned in class at ACAP but it was good to revisit and touch on again
Informative, comprehensive and relevant
Presenter Feedback: Great orator, engaging, could control the random questions that kept interrupting the flow a little better
Presenter Feedback: He was great. His knowledge of the topic was excellent and he gave concrete examples, insights and wisdom

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