Counselling Workshops

Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Stages of Change.

Although I have used MI for some time in my work in the AOD field and Behavioural Change Programs, I first started teaching these skills at the Australian College of Applied Psychology while teaching the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) module to Bach students.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to motivate others in the change process. MI became popular through Millar and Rollnick’s work and became relevant and useful whilst working with those with addictions. It is particularly useful in identifying and working with the resistance to change by highlighting the ambivalence which can cause anxiety and the incongruences of the narrative which can be applied during individual and/or group sessions.

MI core principles are:
Express empathy
Develop discrepancy
Roll with resistance
Support self-efficacy

Stages of Change (Prochaska and DiClemente) is also be incorporated in the workshop and participants will learn the language of change.

This training is particularly useful for professionals working in the field of AOD, Behavioural Change Programs and Health professionals where clients present as Reluctant; Resigned; Rationalising behaviour and/or Rebellious and are resistant to changing behaviour and/or lifestyle. Managers at all levels can also benefit from this training in order to motivate and support self-efficacy with their staff.


The training is delivered over a two-day period of teaching and skills practise and then a follow up day for reflection on skills practice. The emphasis on this three-day workshop is up-skilling.

Cost will be determined on numbers and special requests.

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