Behavioural Change Programs

Group therapy is not new but is different to group work which will be explored throughout the training. As a participant you will become part of the group dynamics and experience the process of self-discovery which is identified through the unknown aspects of self.

The group experience can show us what others see (feedback) that we don’t see and to illuminate the unknown on our self-awareness. This process can be both challenging and exciting as we are moved from our comfort zone to the unfamiliar which is important to understand if we are to grow as human beings.

It is interesting to note that most people seem to want to change but rigorously defend their position to not change. This is where the group facilitator can use specific skills that are established throughout the training program by learning some basic principles to improvise effective approaches which this training program is designed to do.

What was most effective about the workshops?
The work done with the team and the transference pointed out. Gained more knowledge with communicating more effectively.
Learnt more about the importance of communication and especially the importance of ‘tone’.
What is reflected in the room will be valuable to both my professional work and personally which can only support my client work.

Frontier Counselling has delivered Group Therapy Training for professionals working in the addiction field such as major treatment centres and therapeutic communities throughout Vic with successful and meaningful outcomes for the participants.

Some more feedback included:

The strong facilitator gave the group the safety and guidance to learn and let our guards down.
I will use these skills straight away in running groups.
Actual group counselling practice by Jeff by modelling the ‘helicopter’ approach.
The theory (learning) combined with the powerful group process sessions and Jeff using time to offer feedback.

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